Wessex Medieval Alliance

Late Medieval Re-Enactment

An introduction

We are a friendly group of re-enactors who focus on the periods encompassing the Hundred Years War and The Wars of The Roses.

  • We participate at medieval events
    • as combatants and non-combatants
    • as members of the medieval camp
    • as helpful members of the medieval community

We go to interesting places such as

  • The Royal Armoury at Leeds
  • The Wallace Collection in London
  • Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
  • (and more besides)

We learn about and help others to learn about history

  • by researching historical events and the people who lived through them
  • by passing on what we have learnt to new members
  • by recommending books and magazines
  • by going to schools to do talks

We go to reasonable efforts to have accurate costumes and armour

  • by making considered purchases (we can help point new members in the right direction)
  • by making things ourselves (we have a mail maker, seamstress and others with skills in the group, along with a wealth of contacts to get you the best deals on high quality kit)

We have fun

  • by socialising with each other
  • by putting in the effort needed to have a great time.