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Late Medieval Re-Enactment

The Medieval Camp

Seeing, feeling, touching, and quite literally smelling history is what the Wessex Medieval Alliance historical camp is all about. Amongst the authentic tents can be found the apparatus of any army on campaign: cooking equipment, board games, racks of weapons, armour being repaired and more.

We believe that to glimpse history means more than just knights in battle and so we value the contribution of those who run our medieval camp. Our members pride themselves on the skills that they have gained through many years of study, trial and error, and practice. You will find an expert mail maker able to show you the intricacies of creating mail armour, cooks preparing authentic meals of the 14th and 15th centuries, drummers practicing, and many others.

When our knights and men-at-arms are not in battle they will be happy to talk with you about their lives in the field and the campaigns that they have fought in. They will be pleased to show you their armour and weapons. Often it is possible to try on items of armour to get a sense of the weight and feel: what was it like to wear a medieval helmet with the visor down?

We are lucky to have amongst our members The Cheney Household who have researched 15th century food, cooking techniques and excel at producing delicious aromatic dishes. For members, we often share meals in the evenings, cooked over the camp fires. A chance to relax, catch up, eat and be merry.

Medieval camp

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