Wessex Medieval Alliance

Late Medieval Re-Enactment


Knights, squires and men-at-arms undertake considerable training as part of Wessex Medieval Alliance. We look closely at historical documents such as those by Fiore dei Liberi and Hans Talhoffer and attempt wherever possible (but with a considerable nod to safety) to authentically recreate late medieval hand to hand combat.

Sir Rivers trainingAt events we can give a real sense of the sound and impact of two medieval armies crashing into each other, with each soldier fighting not only for their lord but for their own survival.

Members often choose to specialise with one or more weapons, dedicating their time to proficient usage. Firm favourites include the longsword, glaive and poleaxe. The latter was a common site amongst late medieval knights.

New members

If you are interested in joining Wessex Medieval Alliance and learning to fight then please contact us. We provide full training which goes beyond just the weapons: we take you through the importance of footwork, balance and positioning, and teach you to move from guard to strike and back in a fluid motion.

Training commences using wooden weapons with the emphasis on guards, movement and footwork. When you are comfortable with positioning we begin to layer additional techniques, starting with parrying, then counters and then initiating strikes.

By emphasising defensive techniques initially you will quickly learn to become a safe combatant on the re-enactment battlefield. 

Wessex Medieval Alliance actively encourages both genders to take part in combat. There are absolutely no restrictions on female participants. You must be over 18 to take to the field at multi-society events (16 with parental permission and in agreement with the event organisers). At our own events you must be 16. Youngsters interested in training may do so with parental permission.